Winter Break Storage

We will store your bike in a storage facility over the Winter Break. This storage is key to keeping your bike working properly throughout second semester and severe damage can be done to your bike through inclement weather. This service, along with a mid-year tuneup, is free for all renters.

Summer Break Storage

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing your bike home for the summer? We’ll store it over for the summer months for cheaper than anyone else on or around campus. You will be able to pick your bike up as soon as you arrive in the Fall.


We offer a discounted full tune-up in addition to either of our storage options for $30 (usually $35). The tune-up includes fixing the gears, brakes, alignment, wheel true and cleaning the bike. We will have the bike ready for pickup in perfect condition when you return to campus.

Winter Storage
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Summer Storage
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