Individual Repairs
Drop by Bears Bikes during our store hours, and we’ll take a look at your bike! We can do most any repair in-store and our turnaround is normally about a week. Popular maintenance items include tube replacements, tune-ups, wheel true and brake adjustments.

If your bike requires repairs beyond our capabilities, it will be transported by us free-of-charge to our partner, Big Shark. For renters, maintenance is free unless a part has to replaced, in which case, the cost will be taken out of the customer’s deposit.

Below you will find a list of our maintenance and repair prices so you can shop on-line or just drop by the shop. Note: Prices are for labor costs only and parts will be billed when you pick up your finished bike.

The Maintenance Package
This package is free for all renters, but is available to anyone with their own bike as well.

The package includes:

  • Unlimited Full and Basic tune ups throughout the year

  • Four free flat-tire replacements

  • Free labor on any other repairs you need during the year