Summer Storage
from 89.00

Select the tuneup option to have your bike repaired. Drop off your bike at our shop during any Store Hours (TUES/THURS 6-8 PM, SUN 2-4PM). Come pick up your bike at our shop when you get back to campus after the summer. Our final drop off dates are below:

  • Sunday, April 28th // 2-4 pm

  • Tuesday, April 30th // 6-8 pm

  • Thursday, May 2nd // 6-8 pm

  • Saturday, May 4th // 2-4 pm

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Winter Storage
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Winter Storage
from 49.00

Bring in your broken bike before winter break, and pick it up fully repaired when you come back. The cost is $49 for storage + your repair, which you can pay for when you pick it up. To get a full tuneup, pay $109 now. Drop off your bike at our shop during our Store Hours (TUES/THURS 6-8 PM, SUN 2-4PM) between Sunday, December 2 our last Store Hours on Tuesday, December 11. When you return, pick up your repaired bike at our shop starting Tuesday, January 15.

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Winter Break Storage

We will store your bike in a storage facility over the Winter Break. We started offering this service because Wash U students would come back from break to find their bikes had been damaged by the harsh weather. Simply drop off your bike at our shop during store hours to keep your bike safe. This service, along with a mid-year tuneup, is free for all renters. For an extra charge, use the Tune-Up option to get your bike repaired while it’s in storage. Too busy to bring it in during the semester? This is the easiest way to get your bike repaired.

Summer Break Storage

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing your bike home for the summer? We’ll store it over for the summer months for cheaper than anyone else on or around campus. You will be able to pick your bike up as soon as you arrive in the Fall.