Waivers and Policies

When you rent a bike online, you agree to the waiver and the refund and return policy. If you have questions or concerns about the forms, please email us at info@bearsbikes.com. We appreciate your cooperation!

Return Policy

A full refund of the rental and safety deposit can be fulfilled up to two weeks after the first day of class or the day of purchase (whichever occurred most recently). After two weeks and up to a month, the full $200 of the safety deposit is refunded along with 75% of the rental fee and taxes. There are no refunds after a month after the first day of the semester.

For winter storage, there are no refunds after the last day of class.

***The safety deposit of $200 will always be returned when the working bike is returned***

Check Policy

You must deposit your check within six months of receiving. Checks are no longer accepted by the bank six months after distribution. If a check is lost or damaged within six months, a replacement check can be requested. Please bring the damaged check in when getting a replacement check.